The Paradox

HIAMCR Kolkata
4 min readJun 16, 2021

“The remaining pieces of her scattered jewels pleads for her voice of laconic lore to be heard”

For a while, let’s us just reflect back and think as how tremendous transformations we all have went through until today…Do you realize that the smallest negligible change within our surrounding can shake up the entire magnetic field of this universe. Let’s take for an instance, the average human being blinks up to 15–20 times per minute, which is about 1,200 times per hour… but, What if this beat of voluntary movements suddenly stops?

Similarly, have you ever tried to recollect on the fact that each day as at what level of toxicities our body try to unclog because of artificial chemical boosters that are illegally and indirectly inject within us by the so-called pharmaceutical Lords of this modern era. After all “what you see is not always the ultimate truth” it is often packed in a manipulating wrappers making you pleased within their hidden intentions of destructions in the form of restorations.

By birth, we all are graced with natural self-defense mechanism but have you ever pondered on the fact as why this mechanism fails to act in times of need due to which you are compelled to expose yourself with even more toxicities. So, what is the way out to this prevailing disruption in the world?

However, before uncovering these questions, it is necessary for each one of us to understand the link between our mind-body and nature. Just as an unborn soul in the womb of a virago, connected with a cord that shares the same rhythmic sink. Nature too has nurtured her womb by implanting a piece of paradise for us to cherish.

In order to connect us all, Nature has casted the huge web of string though the course of her hair creating the unique vibrations of Sur that got collectively scattered within our souls providing us the medium to connect with her divinity.“…just like the era of Tansen when he aligned each of her crafted Phonetic within his ragas, it was the moment she dance with joy of tears showering upon her seeds making the world rejuvenate all over again…” but the bigger questions is that Are we able to maintain this gift of Nature?

We all are aware with the very fact that our ancestors had the unique ability to interact with nature but with the passing years, the development of artificial materialistic world has completely shattered our connections with it. Therefore, the fact is that we all have evolved but we all have successfully failed to nurture the gift of nature and this is one of the very reasons as why our natural-defense mechanism fails to act in this manipulative world.

Framing the plot of destruction with the mirage of highly modified scientific world for better future has made us stand to the point where we have tangled her in the noisy traffics by strangulating her in the fumes of pollutions, and constantly dumping her in the mounds of dirt. Don’t you think we all have been cold bloodedly murdering Nature every time she is trying to break the shackle of our faults?

“…Didn’t she craft the land of paradise for us to be the Shepherd of her jewels? However, we turned out to be the criminals assassinating her with our consistent act of arson…” Therefore, a question to this so-called highly civilized modern society is that…“Is it justifiable for us to blame Nature for all the destructions… what was her fault? I suppose her only fault was that she remained quite regarding each act of humans as their innocence…”

Well despite of the fact that Nature” is the origin to our course of existence but here she is fighting for her own identification in this materialistic world. The one who calls them the highly qualified scholars of this modern era deny her contributions to the origin of life as they regard her evidence as pseudoscience and their manipulative data as the divine scientific truth. I suppose this is because of the fact that nature implanted the paradise of this cosmos with an intention of unconditional love.

However, on the other hand here are the highly qualified scavengers of this materialistic world who have been camouflaging themselves as the guarding angles of the universe but slowly darning out energy form each existing souls just to feed their unquenchable greed and the lust for being the self-proclaimed Lords. The human made manipulations are the reason to all this disruptions in the Nature and the way out to this cycle is impossible until and unless we make it stop. So, who do you think is responsible for all the disruptions in the nature? After all, for how long these qualified scavengers are going to hide under the cloak of innocence…

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