Stepping Into the World of Manipulation

“…this modern time can be categorized as the ‘time of whimsical mentality’ or the ‘time of virtuality’ or the ‘time of false ideologies…” (Dr. Sinchan Das, 2019)

21st century! The era of utmost progress, advancement, globalization, or a so-called high-tech modernized society. Is it so or are we all living in the era of mass destruction? For each issue in our day-to-day life we seek support and dependence. That can be either from a person or a materialistic gadget so much so that when this expectation fails to met, we end up ruining everything around us.

Dr. Sinchan Das has beautifully conceptualized the entire scenario in one of his paper by describing 21st century to be the era of science & competition; the era of so called modern lifestyle that has been qualified by our several unavoidable gift such as ignorance, arrogance, comptonization, hyper-materialistic mentality, disguise & hyper-individualistic freedom (Suicide, A Dangerous Multidimensional Epidemic).

The society today does not want to take a pause nor do they want to realize as how rapidly they have been exposing themselves to the poison crafted by the reductionist scientific minds of this so-called modernized society. Don’t you think that this so called technological advancement have actually strangulated our curiosity to seek out for truth beyond the reach of internet?

And ironically, the generation of today defines their quality time as the number of hours they spend on serving their social networking sites or by winning some games in an online media platform. So, guys next time when you hear news regarding something very disturbing around the world just ask yourself a question… why? I don’t say technological advancement is not necessary, it is necessary and it has lead to many revolutions in the history. But the bigger issues that we all need realize here is that…aren’t we being the slaves to this technologies?

I suppose one of the biggest reasons for this degradation of human beings is due to their hyper-individualistic mentality where each one of us are busy securing our own world, completely ignoring the fact or a lesson that we all have been taught in our junior classes….Charity begins at home!

So, expecting the world to change around us as per our ways is a matter of big obligation. And if you think that discussing the headlines of the news over the sip of tea by cursing Government for not taking any action for a change than its obviously goanna not even make an ounce of difference….Be the change you expect to see in the world. It may seem like an invisible change but the destruction that has been implanted by us for over past decades goanna take the same amount of consistency and determination for its reconstruction.

What we choose today is the future of tomorrow…!



Non-Profitable Organisation that aims to serve humanity and work in exploring out the truth in the world

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Non-Profitable Organisation that aims to serve humanity and work in exploring out the truth in the world