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2 min readJul 14, 2021

What is manipulation?

Manipulation is the action to influence, modulate, control, or interpret anyone or anything or any event according to the will of an individual in order to justify his/her frame of action irrespective of the moral value of that particular action. For example, When damp in wall is encountered, one can put a fresh colour on that, just to hide the spot; or to put putty and colour just to manage the odd. But actual cause will remain unchecked. Due to which, after some days, same thing in more grave condition must be appeared and eventually damp will going to involve the entire house. As a result the strength of the house will be lost. This is an act of manipulation, where a continuous effort can be noticed to manage an unfamiliar condition, instead of following any skillfully designed path.

But if the product has become a disaster due to this continuous trial & error mechanism, the product will be of no use. So, the question is, if it is happening with any unreplacable stuff like your mind or body, then what to do?

So, we have to think a number of times, before doing any ambiguous manipulation just to satisfy our hyperconscious & hyper — individualistic humanitarian complex.

What is a correction?

An action to remove any error, faults, disparities, mistakes and discrepancies from an event, behavior or action, in accordance with the fact or eternal truth, guided by any clearly defined principle. For example, when damp is encountered in any portion of the wall, one can find the exact cause of the dampness, then the cause should be removed at first and accordingly corrective measures should be taken. As a result of what, the progression of the damp will be stopped and one can avoid other unfavorable complications from the very beginning.

What are the differences between Manipulation & Correction?



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