Good Character v/s Characterless

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3 min readJul 13, 2021

What is Character?

Character, the term commonly used to denote the sexual commitment to a specific individual, irrespective of the time & circumstances. But, when one comes to the actuality; the actuality is absolutely different from this usual consideration. So, what actually character is?

Character is the moral, psychological, physical & social qualities distinctive of an individual, which must be guided by a clearly-defined principle.

What does characterless means?

Characterless actually means loss of integrity in one’s morality or individuality or both. It does not mean the commitment or involvement of different sex partners, actively or passively.

For example, a person with single committed sex partner but performing works which are not morally, psychologically or socially well- constructed under any clearly-defined principle; then that particular person must be declared as a characterless one; irrespective of the number of committed or uncommitted sex-partner.

What are the qualities of a good character?

  • Morally sound
  • Guided by well-designed principle
  • Socially competent
  • Psychologically optimum
  • Responsible
  • Well trained about the coping strategies
  • Aware about the Individual-Environment relationship
  • Logical, analytical & Unbiased
  • Mannerism is ideal
  • Transparent in Psycho-somatic manifestation
  • Flexible in learning & adapting unknown or new things
  • Humble, Down to earth, Empathetic & Sympathetic
  • Emotionally practical

What is the meaning of gamy?

‘Gamy’ is a fragmentary portion extracted from the words ‘Monogamy’ or ‘Polygamy’. Gamy basically originated from the ‘gamete’. Gametes are reproductive cells that unite during sexual reproduction to form a new cell called a zygote.

  • Male gametes are called sperm and
  • female gametes are ova .

What is the meaning of Monogamy & Polygamy?

  • Monogamy: ‘Mono’ means single or one & ‘Gamy’ used as the paired gametes. So, collectively monogamy means single paired gametes. Better to say, it is a type of dyadic relationship, where one set of couples is involved in a relationship at a time.
  • Polygamy: ‘Poly’ means multiple & ‘Gamy’ used to denote paired gametes. Polygamy is the practice where multiple gametes are involved in a relationship, e.g. a man with multiple sex partners or an woman with multiple sex partners.

What is the connection between Monogamy or polygamy with the character?

Ideally there is no relation at all.

But if it is happening by breaching the trust or commitment of a relationship, then it must come under the domain of character, because in that case, it has become a question of principle. But, if the polygamy practice is not violating the trust & commitment of a relationship, then it must not be a case of consideration from the perspective of character.

So, it is absolutely dependent upon the elements of a relationship that is why it is absolutely a subjective phenomenon, not at all a social or cultural one.

Who can be considered as characterless?

  • Who used to engage in the de-motivating or negative stuff all the time.
  • Who is running without any principle
  • Who is totally deliberately unaware about the Individual-Environment relationship
  • Who is not trustworthy
  • Who is deliberately doing harm to one’s psycho-somato-social integrity & functionality towards self & nature.
  • Who is following the trend of maskism.
  • Who is violating nature’s rules.
  • Who is harming their selves/organization/institution/society/nature in a deliberate way..
  • Who used to spend time by involving in some defense mechanisms, like- blaming, rationalization, fault-finding e.t.c.
  • Who is deliberately bad in making commitment towards self & towards the team & towards the profession.



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