Emotions of Rain

Do you remember the last time you have sit quietly by your window side and enjoyed the sound of rain? Or the very last time you have felt the drop of dazzling crystal swiftly touching your soul making your inner soul jubilance by its lore?

Well! This are the events that we do not pretty relate with this highly modernized society where rapidness and consistency is the key to survival. Walls are created higher and roofs are shielded with some artificial materials, so when it rains half of the world is not even aware of the fact that their artificially crafted world has already been washed out by its shower leaving the traces of its petrichor in the atmosphere.

However, this petrichor have now turned out to be sooty fumes of the industries or else I say the gift of reductionist scientific minds that have turned each of us like a fully automated machine. So, in a way you can consider yourself no less than a machine whose internal engine are fuelled with the manipulations of repetitive fixed routine.

We have umbrella to protect ourselves from rain, air conditioners to fight the scorching heat of sun, cars for travel and slippers to protect our feet from touching the ground. Is it the protection we have adapted or the barrier making us distance from the small happiness of Nature? This obviously does not mean we should stay bare foot or go out wetting ourselves every time it rains.

But this is to make each one of us realize that the giggle of children have got buried into the four corners of box sized apartments, the cacophony of frogs have got strangulated in the drains, the melody of birds have got numb with the stretches of wires and towers. And the forest that once rejoiced in the shower of rain has now been sacrificed meeting the needs of human survival.

Now when rain showers, it come to remonstrate the list of complains to the world sometimes by being soft and sometime by being harsh but here are we so called civilized society, completely ignoring the emotions of rain. How many have you regarding it to be loud and noisy and just jacked up an ear plug to avoid it? Today when it brings a disaster, who are we to complain and why Nature must listen to us?

“The answer lies in your realization”

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Non-Profitable Organisation that aims to serve humanity and work in exploring out the truth in the world